Olive Oil – from crop to bottle on 7th Sept

From facebook:

Wednesday September 7 · 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Book now for a taste of Italy down on the FARM!Join us to hear from a traditional small scale olive farmer from southern Italy about the successes and challenges of artisanal olive oil production. We’ll be tasting a variety of oils including the extra virgin the progetto qualita the single variety Raggia and lastly the organic.As well as discussing the various oils Andrea will talk about the olive trees including how they cope with different weather and growing conditions. Also the many different varities of olives used in Italy and the world. We will also be hearing from Dermott about Libera Terra – an exciting new social enterprise producing wine pasta and olive oil and managing hundreds of hectares of land confiscated from the mafias in Sicily and Puglia. There will be plenty of tasters plus some snacks from our cafe using local ingredients and fresh FARM:shop produce.Andrea Tomasetti runs the Azienda Montedoro mill in Le Marche eastern Italy just 4km from the Adriatic coast. Dermott Sales is the leader of Slow Food Norwich working to reconnect consumers to their food and encourage support for small scale and local producers.

Book at: www.oliveoil.eventbrite.com