Old Valentine’s Pizza space

i think we’ve been speculating for a while on what’s going in that space – and before that, wondering if anything ever would – well, today i walked by and found out.Sadly, it’s Dixie Chicken. (yes, i’m personally not happy to learn this. i had hoped we might get an eatery worth going to in this area other than mess, which is getting a bit boring) don’t these people do research?


  1. That’s sad – I always coveted that place for my imaginary cafe. I’ll stick this pic in here from a thread I started about this in the planning group: \Valentines
    Photo from London Shop Fronts

  2. Isn’t there another chicken place already on that road? Like a Carolina Chicken? Or something?

  3. don’t remember what they’re called since i don’t eat the stuff but there are several near hackney central station of course as well as a well-visited one on sandringham road near amhurst road (by costcutter) and the newish one on amhurst road that sells kebabs etc but does the fried chicken too by the noodle express- i feel the most for this one since they are the first place that’s managed to stay alive in that spot and i’d hate to see them lose business even if i don’t go there. let’s just say there are plenty of them within a few minutes of each other  we do NOT need more fried chicken. my imaginary cafe was there too. but also an imaginary cool food shop and an imaginary restaurant and an imaginery boutique of some kind to increase the number of ‘cooler’ places to go around here. ho hum…

  4. Another chicken place?! Aaagh. A friend visiting Hackney by bus said that he didn’t know whether to ask the driver for a ticket or a bucket full of chicken legs. Pretty much sums up the eating habits of many bus users round here. A decent chippy would’ve been nice. Sniff.

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