Old Burberry Factory. No planning application yet?

http://www.thetextilebuilding.com/#OVERVIEW I can’t seem to find the planning application on the council’s website. Does anyone know of any approved plans for this building? It’s going to get two stories on top of the existing building.


  1. I had a look on http://www.map.hackney.gov.uk/Find-My-Nearest/ but can’t see anything current”

  2. There are a few applications on Hackney council website under 29-53 Chatham place. It’s worth having a look through them to see what you can find.”

  3. I think that the application you are looking for is 2005/1786

  4. many thanks for your replies! Greatly appreciated. Have you checked the Chatham Place fashion hub regeneration scheme? E9http://apps.hackney.gov.uk/servapps/newspr/NewsReleaseDetails.aspx?id=2338

  5. @markolondon12 There’s already a thread on the \fashion hub” project over here;http://www.yeahhackney.com/hackney-council-to-create-fashion-hub-in-hackney-central/They’re moving quickly on this. The arches have already been emptied opened up and the brickwork is currently being sandblasted.”

  6. Pringle to open shop on corner of Morning Lane/Chatham Place in the former Duke of Wellington pub. Rumour has it they also want to buy the terrace of houses just to the west of it…..Works have also started in the industrial building next to the school, see above planning. Just thought I’d let you know!

  7. @markolondon Wow! Is this definite? Where did you hear? I thought this \fashion hub” would comprise just some small independents in the arches feeding off the Burberry customers. But if this is true it looks  as though there could be quite a momentum building there.”

  8. Hi, a neighbour who used to go there told me and I asked the builders working on the site, so yes, it all seems to be happening. I also thought small independent businesses but no….Pringle is huge. They probably bought the greasy spoon across the road as well, as the builders are staying there..The Burberry factory is in the midst of being rebuilt for expensive apartments… with shops on the ground floor to be completed in March ’14. The area is going to change dramatically!

  9. Yes, I’ve also heard that they’re approaching local businesses and residents to buy up properties, presumably so they can control the development of the area. Seems to me that in order to attract the top fashion labels, they’re going to give the surroundings a huge facelift to appear much more up-market. I was out taking lots of pics of the area today as I expect in couple of years’ time the whole place will have changed beyond all recognition and people won’t believe how it once looked!

  10. Thanks @markolondon12 . I just got back from there after talking to the builders. They reckon it’ll be open in 6 weeks!

  11. @markolondon12 Well, I could hardly believe it when you first mentioned it, but the Pringle of London signage has just gone up on the old Duke of Wellington.

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