Nursery recommendations?

Hello, we are moving to E5 soon (Daubeney Road) and are going to need to find a nursery for our 2 1/2 year old to attend three full days a week. We’re on the waiting list at the Roundabout Nursery (Kenworthy Rd), but I’m wondering about recommendations for others given we may not get a place at Roundabout soon enough. I’d rather pick a nursery based on someone saying, \My child goes/went there and I would definitely recommend it” than just doing a Google search.




  1. I would stay away from Independent Place Nursery, it’s in E8 so probably out of your way.

    If you work anywhere in Tower Hamlets or pass through for work Matchbox Pre-School on Burdett Road is great, doesn’t look like much from the outside but no complaints.

  2. i really recommend the Pembury Community Nursery in the middle of Pembury estate, Cricketfield Road. We checked out a lot of nurseries in the area and this was by far the best for us. The staff are really great and really seem to care about their kids. There is genuine warmth. And the staff have all been there for a long while in contrast to a lot of nurseries where you get a lot turnover. our 16-mth old loves the place.

  3. We’ve had our daughter at the Round Chapel nursery for 2 years and it’s great. They’ve been really flexible, the kids have all come on leaps and bounds and Sue, who runs it, is brilliant. Pop in and see them.

  4. I am in a similar position, having put my name down in almost every nursery in E5/E9 area for my 9 month old son to start in January, but there is no availability. I just got back from a visit to Independent Place Nursery which, on first impression, looks pretty good. Letha, can you tell me why you would stay clear of it?  Thanks!

  5. My daughter was there for about 9 months, during this time she had several high temperatures the final one was over 39 degrees and they didn’t even call me, just stripped her off and sponged her down. She also developed serious nappy rash and thrush whilst there, we would clear it up at the weekends and by Monday evening it was back to square one (we didn’t change her nappy any more times than they were supposed to be doing).I will be honest here they excluded her after the high temp because I finally blew my top and fair enough they were in right to do so due to my angry reaction. At the same time they had inappropriate record books which it would be fair for me to question if they had only recorded the temperatures the next morning. Once my daughter turned 1 she spent a good deal of time against the baby gate of the baby room interacting with her friend of the same age who had been moved through, for whatever reason that they would never disclose they kept her in the baby room past the age of 1 … She was still in the baby room at 18 months. Within a week of moving to the new nursery (where she still is) I was shocked to notice a BIG difference in her character from the reports every evening. At home she had been chatting away for ages, at Independent Place they would say she never spoke, the first day at the new nursery I was told she was a little chatter box. Now she also wanted to go in and didn’t cry her eyes out when I left her for the day. A friend removed her son after he began to develop a stutter, within a short space of time away from there he has no stutter. A student on placement at the nursery told me some horror stories but they are hearsay and I will not repeat them.

  6. Thanks for this. I’m hoping they’ve sorted it out. I guess this was almost 2 years ago, right?

  7. Yes, about that. One sentence from the owner before we left will always stick in my mind though. These are ‘young girls’ […] Talking about her staff as if that was an excuse.

  8. I highly recommend Montessori on the park, after looking for nurseries in the area this one is far better than the ones i saw, The rooms are full of smart games for children and the people working there are very kind with children.  My daughter is there and i would never change it. It’s a bit more expensive but the difference in quality is massive.

  9. What a mine field – are the ofsted reports accurate?

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