No 5 Amhurst Road

I noticed this empty shop the other day – it’s by Hackney Central, next to the Cirrik restaurant and had scaffolding outside it for years. The unit has been done up and had a alcohol licensing notice in the window, suggesting it may become a bar or restaurant. Has anyone heard any more about it?


  1. Did this not used to be a bar called \Hackney Central” ?”

  2. I think you’re thinking of the old ticket hall on the other side, which was a bar before it closed down a few years ago. Last I heard, that’s supposed to be reopening at some point as a refurbed ticket hall plus cafe/restaurant. The place I’m referring to is to the right of Cirrik – a much smaller unit, currently empty.

  3. The smaller unit is one that closed after the 2003 fire. I can’t remember what it was back then (what is now Cirrik 1-3 Amhurst Rd was a bar called Central 1 bar at the time).

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