Next twee8 is a yeah! Hackney birthday special (Fri 21st Oct)

\yeah! We have made a decision to combine next twee8 week with the yeah! Hackney first birthday celebration there is a lot of crossover so makes sense . It will be on Friday 21st October instead (NOT on the weds) at the Pembury Tavern and will be a chance to celebrate a year of yeah! Hackney 🙂 I’ll post it up again and make sure everyone is gets an invite by email 🙂 yay!”


  1. That’s good.  I can rarely go out drinking on school nights. So we’ve had an average of 2.6 people a day joining the forum this year – amazing.

  2. Not Wednesday, Friday. Got it. Will there be cake? Can someone make a cake? A cake with Ale in it? Can we have Ale Cake please?!

  3. definitely something to look forward to 🙂

  4. I hear guiness & chocolate go together well. A twee8 with the prospect of no work the following day does not bode well.

  5. Will see if I can get a pass, actually Fridays are usually good for day release.

  6. That sounds like a good idea. Will check the calendar. Where will it be?

  7. oh, I just read upwards. Blame the codeine. Had a wisdom tooth out yesterday and it’s all been a bit floaty since…

  8. @hackneye Pembury Tavern – back to our roots 🙂

  9. For those who like numbers… the yeah! Hackney ones look a bit like this (with some rounding up 🙂 ): 1 year, 1000(ish) members, 5000(ish) followers on twitter

  10. @ewebber loooooves the Pembury! Got it, Friday the 21st. I’ll be looking for a new flat around that time so you’ll have a chance to influence. See you all soon.

  11. Speaking of numbers… how many Frame yoga passes were sold thanks to yeah! Hackney?

  12. I’m welling up; this is like The Alchemist or something….

  13. Woohoo!Pubs and beer and birthdays…What a combination!I’ll bring a cake if @ewebber buys me a beer 🙂

  14. Yay! It’s in the diary (as is the massive hangover the next day)

  15. @ganly – i’ll buy you a beer if you *make* a cake

  16. I reckon @ganly would be a good cake maker (don’t let me down Steve) I noticed that the Pembury accept – never seen them before”

  17. Congratulations, it’s a celebrationno need for confirmationcome join the Yeah! Hackney nation! Will be there, I’d make my secret cupcakes except I’ll be at the lingerie sewing workshop the night before so I won’t have the time to bake. 🙁

  18. @staystylish just bring some lingerie ;)Can you sew thumbs up and Hackney borders on them 🙂

  19. ugh this will make about the 11th in a row that’s on a day i can’t make it. will be there in spirit but actually in portugal. lol.

  20. Yes yes I can make this one. I hope there is cake. I will bring my own spoon 🙂

  21. As much as I would love to come along, it’s a bit too far for me, but rest assured  I will be thinking of you all having a good time at the Pembury.Well done and congrats to Emily for all the work you’ve put into this site over the past year.Best wishes to everyone in bonny Hackney.Ken

  22. Friday 21st is go! Really looking forward to meeting you Emily, I heard a lot about you from the TweetUp peeps last month (Also thanks for the Sho Foo Doh Vimeo embed this morning, nice to see it pop up in unexpected places!)

  23. There is also a facebook event over here: – it would be great to get an idea of numbers :)”

  24. Ach, the pains of working in a pub–everything and anything social happens on days you’re working. I’ll have a chat with my manager to see if I can get this night off, but we’ll see. It’ll be so nice to meet all y’all now that I’m back from Florida. Especially since I’ve only been to one Twee8 meet-up thus far.

  25. Anyone know where I can get some Betty Crocker cake mix? Maybe Hubbub would be able to help?

  26. Right, I’ve got off!! Yay!! Happy party hobnob drinkie cakie times!

  27. @quitepeculiar – yay!

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