New(ish) Cafe: The Russet

New cafe and events space in Hackney Downs Studio Amhurst Terrace E8.Their website doesn’t say much about what they sell aside from Union coffee. Has anyone been?”


  1. there’s an article about it in the hackney citizen, but can’t find the article on their website : (

  2. Ah @jamieb put something up about it over here: appears to have been refurbished since then”

  3. Also on Twitter. The refurbishment was done (just) in time for the opening night in the other link. It’s a really great space good for live music workshops or other events I reckon. I believe the Woodburner might have moved over there now. Cider lovers should also check it out although I’m not sure whether they have a lincense to serve all the time yet possibly just a temporary events license at the moment.”

  4. @jamieb cool, I’ll have to check it out

  5. I popped in yesterday for a brunch. Food was lovely and pretty cheap. Coffee was good too. The staff are lovely in a disorganised kind of way but that definitely adds to the atmosphere. I’ll certainly go again.

  6. The Russet is great – and very welcome as there’s not very much else around Hackney Downs and this is my doorstep- so now I have a friendly local place to hang out and eat cake drink cider etc

  7. My two books are now available at The Russet Café – Hackney Downs Studios.An A to Z of Twords & The Reader’s DigestiveMany Thanks Russet Café! X  I’m looking for more local shops cafés stalls… to take it on? If you are interested please get in touch!

  8. my old neighbour Steve is the general manager there now.  He’s lovely and also involved in the food recycling project The People’s Kitchen at Passing Clouds. I’m sure he’s created a great ambience.

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