newcomer to the area…

hello all i am in the verge of moving into the wonderfully vibrant area of clapton but had a rather random question about 2 roads in particular, hilsea st and coopersale road. the prices of houses on these 2 roads are not as high as others in the area and i was wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to why that would be? thanks in advance guys, j


  1. Only just seen this – they both run of Homerton High Street? not sure why they would be cheaper than others in the area.

  2. its probably because he was checking out street average prices and those will be affected by the number of flat conversions on a particular street and also, when the street is small like Hilsea, the average will be low because of low turnover compared to bigger streets with more recent, more expensive, sales.

  3. If you look at Zoopla’s heatmaps you can see a bit of variation: Basically it comes down to proximity to Chatsworth Road distance from busy main roads (esp Homerton) and generally West towards Hackney is more expensive. I personally think the street scene on the roads from Clifden up to Mayola is slightly nicer as are the Edwardian streets off Clapton Pond. Some of the streets around Hillsea Colenso Millfields are a bit scruffier and have fewer trees so might be a bit cheaper. but still expensive.”

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