New website launched: Chatsworth Road E5

I recently did a bit of a refresh for the Chatsworth Road Traders and Residents association website

Chatsworth Road E5

It’s a fairly standard wordpress blog with the aim to clean things up a bit give them a bigger content area than they previously had make things easier to read and allow the flexibility for them to be able to update pages and reorder the navigation themselves. As well as this I added a few widgets and some page tracking to makes things a bit more integrated and easier to understand.

You can see it in action over here:


  1. Nicely done.

    Can I ask how you added the layers to the google map? Is that a WP plugin and does it take the information from a feed?

  2. @jamieb um, not sure where you mean?

  3. The map has check boxes at the bottom so you can select different categories of icon for display on the map.

  4. Ah I see it’s coming straight from the E8 website.

  5. The planning map is by @andrewboff from
    It’s custom built rather than a plugin”

  6. Cheers. Will look into it.

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