New topic bug on 7th/8th Dec resolved

Hi all,
as some of you were aware, there was an issue yesterday with creating new topics in the forums – a major part of yeah! Hackney’s functionality. I wasn’t able to post anything about it here as even I couldn’t create anything.
This has now been resolved and you can create topics again. It turns out that a tool we were using to be able to login / signup with Facebook started causing an issue (for no apparent reason) and we are trying to find out why that was, in the meantime the functionality to connect to Facebook has been switched off. If you normally connect this way you can login with the password that was sent to you when you signed up or you can request a new password here: and you will receive a reset link to the email address you use for Facebook. If you have any questions you can contact me here or on the contact page if you can’t login.