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Hii everyone, after a brief 6 month hiatus in Finsbury Park, I’m moving back to Hackney (phew). The house is in lower Clapton just under the roundabout. I don’t know much of this part of Hackney (always lived Stoke Newington side) is there anything I should know before I hand over thousands of pounds to Keatons? I suppose the nearest vet is still Stamford Hill Abbey Vet. What about pubs apart from Biddle Bros? Favourite bike shops? Good places to eat for vegetarians? Roads to avoid late at night? Would love to hear your comments and recommendations. Cheers!! x


  1. Hi @lizzie you’ll be pretty near me, I’ve lived in Clapton for about 7 years now and I love it.
    Here are my recommendations / input:

    Vets: I never have to consider them, but according to this thread there is a good one on Dalston Lane which is close by as is Stamford Hill

    Closest pubs: Biddles of course as you say The Elderfield is also close by and The Clapton Hart is opening on the roundabout in the near future.

    Bikes: I’ll pass on that but you’ll find a forum thread over here

    Places for veggies: Another thread over here Depending on what you are after there is a fair few in walking / cycling distance. Organic & Natural and Parioli (both on LCR) are great for lunch. Also a bunch of takeaway places deliver to E5 from Hungry House and there is a great takeaway pizza place on the roundabout called Vesuvios

    Roads to avoid: The only road I would really avoid walking late at night is Clarence Rd but otherwise I think the normal rules apply

    Other things to note: LCR itself has a chemist dry cleaners a few launderettes an independent book shop a florist an organic food shop an Italian food shop a polish food shop amongst others; there are a whole bunch of buses that serve the pond; Clapton rail station will get you into Liverpool St pretty quickly; Chatsworth Rd is also very close with it’s returned market Palm 2 is my favourite grocery shop and has a real community vibe and Stoke Newington is a 20 min walk if you want to revisit

    I hope that helps!

  2. @lizzie \UNDER the roundabout”!!? Has opposition to development really taken us to these depths?
    Anyway as I suspect you may already know the empty white pub by the roundabout is to open in the Autumn as the Clapton Hart run by the same company that owns the White Hart in Stoke Newington High St;
    Personally my favourite pub is the Elderfield on Elderfield Rd. Abbey Vet also have a place on Dalston Lane but the Blue Cross run a cheaper service from a van by the Town Hall every week or so. Parioli is probably your nearest decent cafe but the last time I went – a few years ago admittedly – the coffee could have been better. Palm 2 at Clapton Pond and their organic food shop (with cafe in rear) opposite probably are a good start for vegetarians. I’m not much of a biker myself but there are shops on the rapidly up-and-coming Chatsworth Rd (plenty of new cafes/delis and a good Sunday market there) and also Mare Street.”

  3. Thaanks, I’m excited about the Clapton Hart opening up, I love the White Hart. Hope it will have a garden. Had to spend the day in the Windsor Castle today, that was interesting…

  4. Yup, the Clapton Hart will have a garden.
    I have been in the windsor castle a few times, it certainly is interesting

  5. There is a vegan cafe called Pogos on Clarence Road. (on the corner of the turning to Clapton Square). Their vegan cakes are really good. They also show films, have info workshops, and are a pick-up point for Hackney Community Growers veg bag scheme (, which I recommend. For £26 a month you can have fresh, organic, locally grown veg every week. A bag easily makes enough food to last all week.

  6. Get yourself on the marshes! A couple of pubs to enjoy, the Princess of Wales, which is on the Lea, close to the Lea Bridge Road, or the Anchor and Hope , also on the Lea, about 15 minutes walk from the Lea Bridge Road. The marshes are great to have a wander on as well, and if you like birds, they have newish bird hides which are near the golf course (useful if you like golf as well). Chatsworth Road for the cafes and the Grocer’s and Deli.

  7. It also has the best Pizza takeaway EVER! Pizza Man on LCR do yummy stuffed crust pizzas and they are reasonably priced (no I don’t work for them, lol!!!). Safs is a great cheap Barbers too! Also the veggie cafe/shop opposite Clapton Pond itself is a great place to grab a bite and they have a garden. Also have a browse in Pages, I nearly dropped dead from shock when a bookshop opened up on LCR!!!

  8. Thanks everyone! Forgot to also ask, does anyone have a doctors round there that they particularly like? I need a female GP. Preferably a big practice that has like, an asthma clinic. But is not necessary

  9. I found when I tried to register there was only one that was in my catchment area and had space to take me, but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone and avoid them as much as possible myself. There is the Lower Clapton Health Centre just by Urswick Road that I have been to and seem much better”

  10. There is also a GP practice on Kenninghall Road. Quite some time ago (we are talking 15 or more years) it was new, shiny and quite good but can’t vouch for it now. Otherwise Lower Clapton Health Centre is one of the better ones.

  11. The one on Kenninghall road is called the Nightingale Practice. They have a number of female doctors on the staff (its a very big surgery). Theyre currently having a totally new building built (not that the last one was bad in any way) so theyre situated in a multi portakabin thingy right now. Ive been with them about three years, no complaints!

  12. Yes the Nightingale Practice are very good and do have lots of female doctors.

    My advice would to be to not walk through Pembury Estate (although there is no reason you would want to) but yes, I also agree with @ewebber that Clarence Road is maybe one to avoid at night.

    I’m also very excited about the Clapton Hart!

    Welcome to the area, it really is lovely!

  13. I’m moving on Tuesday woo. Housewarming party in June! Big one!! :o)

  14. We’ll all just follow the sound of the pumping bass?…

  15. Banjos and violas

  16. …and cats.

  17. plus Chatsworth Road market is now on EVERY Sunday!

  18. Where should one get ones hair cut in E5/E8 if one is poor and lazy?

  19. This is the question I was just about to post – the woman that normally cuts my hair is away for a year and it needs to be cut. Anyone?

  20. I’m thinking of going to Lady Diamond. I like the name.

  21. i’d love more answers to this one. i get my hair cut in canada (whenever i go to visit) ! lol. the places i do go to to get a colour in london are expensive but at least i trust them.

  22. I always liked Lady Diamond’s vague special offer:
    Tuesdays ½ Price Day

  23. haha, that’s class!

    Well as far as men’s barbers go (while we’re on the subject) Mario’s just around the corner from Clapton station does a wash, cut and cut-throat shave for 17 quid – which is a bargain in my book. Slightly further afield, Pasha’s in Stokie is great if you want the full-on Turkish barber treatment. The works in there usually costs £25.

    Ive always considered checking out the barbers that features in the music video Upper Clapton Dance, but i havent the bottle for it as yet.

  24. @ewebber looks wicked!!!!!

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