New things happening in search

As anyone who works with pretty much any platform will know, search is damn near impossible to get right and this website is no different. Where the built in search will search through members, blog posts and group information quite well, it’s not so good at finding content inside forum posts, which is where all the interesting content is.

To help you get to the content that you need we have made a few changes:

Search boxes on the members groups and discussions landing pages

Members search

This allows for search in the context of each of this pages e.g. if you go to the members page here and put “Clapton” into the search box you will see all members that use the word “Clapton” in their profiles

Google search

Google custom search
We are trailing a Google search tool which will search across rather than in the existing categories. You’ll currently find this search box on the search results page after a normal search. Try making a search in the standard way using the search box on top of any page if you don’t find the results you need then try the Google search box this will give you deeper and more results but comes with the standard Google advertising from using this product.

I’d love to know what you think of the changes