New scheme where Hackney residents can choose their GP

A new scheme being trialled in Hackney amongst other boroughs where patients can choose their GPs on reputation rather than be allocated based on catchment area. This will also mean that you can also opt to see a doctor close to work if you work in another trial borough and in future this is planned to extend across London. As well as this there will be a GP rating system published on NHS Choices to help patients decide the best place for them. The idea is that all of this drives up standards. More over here: I’ve been wanting to change my GP for a while but just fall out of the catchment area of the one I would rather be at so am hoping this means I can.


  1. well thank goodness for that. it’s the system i’ve been used to in canada for decades and have never agreed with the catchment method. i feel so fortunate that i now have a doctor who is in my catchment area at a clinic i had to choose and i actually would go to her regardless. but anyway, YAY!

  2. What is handy about this is that when it extends to the whole of London I will have the option of going to a doctors near work, I work full time in SE1 and having to go back to Clapton for an appointment can take a lot of time, add this up for everyone in the same position and it must lose the economy a bunch of money. If the appointment is non-urgent this makes a lot of sense, I just hope the surgeries can cope with it.

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