New Roa

This may not be a Hackney topic (sorry @ewebber!), but is definitely East London. Roa is back in town, and has started on a massive new piece– can anyone identify where it is?”


  1. Hey Mattyc Is this at The Foundry perchance? Been watching it go up – it’s bloody amazing!

  2. Hey @lianemends, it is indeed on the back of The Foundry. Don’t know if he’s finished yet but it’s huge! There’s a few more pics on this Flickr set though nothing of the completed article.Really enjoyed your first show on Shoreditch Radio by the way!”

  3. @mattyc that is within the Hackney borders

  4. Thanks @ewebber, my first post wasn’t very clear. I knew the new work was on Old St, but wasn’t yet sure which side of the roundabout it was on

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