New restaurant opening on Chatsworth Road?

Have noticed that where the Workmen’s cafe used to be (no.8) has been in the process of redevelopment for a few weeks now. Walked past today with the sign Prima Poi up. Couldn’t see clearly inside but looks like it’s going to be a restaurant. Tried googling the name but only got as far as it means ‘sooner or later’ in Italian. However with there being Venerdi opposite and the new Italian that is going to be built above the new spar down the road I’d be surprised if this was the case. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


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  4. My googling came up with a restaurant called Promo e Poi (first and next) in Turin! No planning permission to look through as it’s not a change of use. I’ll see what else I can find and please report back here if you see anything else.

  5. I’ve got no goss, but I thought the restaurant above the Spar was going to be a bit more eclectic – in Eat17 they have a modern Britishy bistro as well as the pizza offering. And I think anyone would be mad to open any more pizza joints in e5…were it not for the crazy profit margins that a bit of flour, water and a thin smear of tomato sauce can offer.

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  7. It was definitely going to be an Italian Restaurant, one of the guys who was in Venerdi’s is opening it. I heard 2 weeks ago that they were looking at the menu and it would no longer be Italian. The name would suggest they are going back to an Italian menu.

    The Snooker Club boys will no longer having a pizza focussed menu.

  8. Pizza is indeed cheap and easy to make, but a tapas bar would be nice in the area 🙂

  9. @euan do you have any more details?

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  11. Snuck a look inside last night: it’s exposed brick, wooden floors, shaker style furniture, and the trappings of a bar in the middle of the room with lots of wine. Looks pretty much ready to open, I’d say.

  12. @ewebber don’t know anything anymore, resigned from the CRTRA a few weeks ago. Ask Damian, he is the gatekeeper of Chats info. Someone should make a list of all the businesses Venerdi have a stake in, with all their stuff in Broadway Market and Kingsland Road they’ve become pretty influential on the Hackney scene.

  13. It is definitely open …

  14. … and definitely Italian

  15. Very imaginative menu – starters include swordfish carpaccio with orange and pomegranate with a rocket salad – and much cheaper than you’d expect. Child-friendly, too (Baby Pomodoro pasta for a fiver).

    Great service, nice peeps. It will be ram jam soon but for the moment you’ll have no problem getting a table. Tuck in

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