New Quick links

You may well notice some new quick links on the home page, these links have been put there to help you get to the content that you need to more quickly, you’ll find links to get to your groups and friends activity and links to edit your profile.I hope everyone finds them useful, please let me know what you think


  1. yeah, that’s quite handy (although I hadn’t noticed them until you pointed them out to me! still easily distracted by the novelty of the site…). So now I need to have more ‘friends’ so I can make full use of those quick links ;)One thing does puzzle me a bit though: if you want to add a comment at the end of a thread, do you really have to click through all the pages to get to the end of it, or is there a way of getting straight to the last comment? Like, for instance, can I sort the comments within a thread by decreasing chronological order, ie showing the latest comment first?

  2. @saladefolle – no way of sorting the thread, but anything over one page has pagination numbers and you can click directly to the last page using that

  3. @ewebber – yes, been doing that; it’s no big deal anyway. thanks!

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