New project – Dalston Energy Angels

The Arcola Theatre in Dalston has been successful in winning funding under a Department of Energy and Climate Change project called the Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF). The  Dalston Energy Angels project involves running home energy audits conducting thermal imaging surveys and building up a waste wood supply network for the Arcola’s biomass boiler which will be installed later this year. There will be a particular emphasis on working with people in fuel poverty and engaging a diverse range of Hackney residents around Dalston. If you are interested in finding out more or volunteering to help out with this exciting new project then please come along to the launch event at the  Arcola Theatre on Ashwin Street near Dalston Junction on Wednesday 29th February from 5 to 7pm.”


  1. Flyers for householders and for building professionals

  2. Hi everyone. We have now started offering free home energy surveys to householders in the Dalston area.  These are open to all but we’re particularly keen to contact people who are struggling to pay for their energy at the moment. The surveys will involve a visit to your home of around 30 to 45 minutes and will cover how you use energy in the home, what energy efficiency measures you have already taken and what possible measures are open to you in the future. We’ll walk around the house discussing options and giving you tailored advice to cut your energy bills. We will also be getting hold of some thermal imaging cameras soon which can help to visualise weak spots in your home’s insulation. You can register here:

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