New Pregnancy Yoga Class at Holistic Health, Broadway Market, 5.45pm till 7.15pm

Pregnancy Yoga Class with Emily Hayward on Thursdays at Holistic Health, Broadway Market, Hackney. 5.45pm till 7.15pm. Emily is certified by the British Wheel of Yoga and has been teaching for a number of years. She also teaches Hypnobirthing and is a member of Doula UK and the Association for Improvement to Maternity Services. To find out more about her, go to: In this gentle yet rewarding class, we will work with your mind and body exploring postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and sound practices to support you during pregnancy and labour.  It is recommended that you start pregnancy yoga at 12 weeks.  Benefits of pregnancy yoga:  –       Can provide strength and flexibility for pregnancy and labour –       Can help to relieve common conditions associated with pregnancy such as back ache, swollen joints and constipation–       Helps to support the health of the pelvic floor –       Can help relieve stress and sleeplessness by promoting relaxation–       Can help mother and baby to bond through sound practices and breath work–       Can help the mind-body connection so you feel more in control during labour and birth –       Good opportunity to meet other pregnant women and share your experiences “Practicing yoga with Emily was the one time in the week where I was able to switch off completely. Her gentle and engaging manner made it easy to concentrate on the exercises we were doing and although physically tired by the end I also felt extremely relaxed. I found my posture really improved and the exercises we did when I was pregnant were particularly useful. The breathing exercises and stretching became more and more important as my body changed and I got heavier and more uncomfortable. I practiced yoga with Emily right up to the later stages and felt she was giving me the right tools and exercises to cope with the strains being put on my body, both physically and mentally. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. I thought she was excellent.\Michelle Contact Holistic Health for more details: or e-mail Emily at