New Photographer – BVS Offering photo shoots, videography and graphic design at great rates!!

Hey there! We have recently opened a visual studio! Blazing Visuals Studio services include Photo shoots, Videos / Videography i.e. Birthdays, christenings, special moments that you want to capture, music videos / skits, adverts and ideas (conveying messages). Graphic design i.e Flyers, logos, business cards etc. Also we do advertising for various nightclubs and social clubs, covering footage and visual images promoting these events. We have great rates and are very good value for money as we have just started. All prices include enhancement and editing of images. Also editing and production of video footage.We are based in the Hackney area and are available to everyone!Check out our facebook website, share and like and have a look at some of the work we do! If interested contact me for inquiries or bookings; Blazing Visuals Studio – 07535 597 531 We look forward to seeing you :)”