New music venue (Oslo) on Amhurst Rd

\A major music promoter has been given the go-ahead to open a new venue on Amhurst Road. DHP Group which already owns venues including  Rock City in Nottingham and the  Thekla in Bristol has been granted a licence to open Oslo in a former Turkish restaurant [Cirrik] at 1-3 Amhurst Road close to Hackney Central station.”


  1. That’s sad, I liked Cirrik, I am sure they were still open the other day, wonder why they decided to close.

  2. There is an application in that Emily posted on the Hackney Central Bar/ Former Station Building topic.The application is by DHP Group and the address is Former Station Building Amhurst Road London E8 1LL. I don’t know if that means they are taking over both buildings (although how would they connect them?!)  or that the info from the Dalstonist is incorrect.

  3. wow.. another major company moving in to the Middle of Hackney..

  4. @line1 But you’re right about the former station building. Their planning application for this building uses the same trading name ‘Oslo’. The drawings don’t show any connection between the two buildings so perhaps they’ll have the restaurant in the old station and the music venue in the former Cirrik but trade under one name? Curious.”

  5. Or, perhaps the license notification has got the wrong address on it and it should read 1A Amhurst Rd (former station) rather than 1-3 (Cirrik)?

  6. \Re-opening as ‘Oslo’ in November the two-storey venue will become a destination for food drinks and music housing an all-day restaurant and cafe with 3am licence all within a ‘dark Nordic’ setting.”More here; I note that the Dalstonist has since made a correction regarding the address;”CORRECTION: This article formerly stated that Oslo would be opening on the site of a Turkish restaurant at 1-3 Amhurst Road. This was due to a mistake on the council licensing application. The venue will in fact be opening in the former station building at 1a Amhurst Road.””

  7. Locally sourced ingredients and craft beers eh? Hmmmmmmm…….

  8. @GavinRedknap Well, seeing as how this is shoe-throwing distance from Pressure Drop, The Five Points and Howling Hops, if they sold Carling and Stella, it’d be a wet fart. And although Hackney isn’t lacking in bars serving microbrewed beers, London in general is lacking in venues serving beer that doesn’t taste of tin. If I can catch a gig while drinking a pint of Pressure Drop Pale Fire or Magic Rock High Wire, my dreams would come true. Particularly if I can actually *see* the gig. I’m quite small, you see…. Naturally, I would say this, because I work for a brewery, but still. Glad Cirrik isn’t going anywhere! I need to get my gozleme fix outside of Green Lanes every now and again, and they’re closest to me work.

  9. I dont doubt that its an improvement on Fosters and Stella, just the tag ‘craft beer’ (or real ale as it used to be known) is wearing a bit thin with every new opening trumpeting it now. That said it was great to have a pint of Truman’s last weekend. Im old enough to remember it first time round (even if i wasnt old enough to drink it then). What I’d really like to see is one of these small brewers bring back the original recipe London larger that died out at the end of the 19th century but still is brewed in India, such as London Pilsner.

  10. Worth following Oslo on twitter for some pictures and updates on the project: And website: It looks an amazing space. I’ll be very interested to see what kind of venue it becomes especially in relation to bars and clubs in Dalston. I wonder if it will end up having a more ‘grown up’ vibe…”

  11. I believe that the main difference (and Im no expert, mind) was that the British lagers were much less gassy than the continental ones. That’s (supposedly) why indian lagers, which take their cue from the original British recipes, go so well with a curry. That’s what Howard Marks said in Mr Nice, anyway.

  12. The Oslo is now opening on 17th Jan, after putting back the launch due to the works on Amhurst Road. \Situated next door to Hackney Central station on Amhurst Road Oslo will offer top quality food and drink alongside an exciting music programme in the unique space of a redeveloped railway station. Head Chef Dave Ahern (formerly of House of Wolf and Burger Breakout) has created the menu around presenting familiar flavours in unusual combinations. The menu features modern interpretation of classic East End dishes. Many dishes also showcase the techniques of curing smoking and pickling that are celebrated in Nordic cuisine. “

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