New hotel coming to dalston…..

We got the scoop on the new hotel – Avo Hotel coming to Dalston Lane, Hackney anyone think it wont work? We can’t see how it will fail as it is the only stayable place in the area… more putting mam and dad up on the sofa bed!


  1. It’s interesting, I had to move out of my place for a month or so not that long ago while some work was being done and finding a place to stay in Hackney at short notice was pretty much impossible – I can see that there is call for it – especially now there are a lot of young people moving into the area whose parents will visit.

  2. Looks like Arvo is almost there (via DalstonDin)Arvo hotel

  3. doesn’t look ver ’boutique’ – this b&b feels more upmarket,

  4. is russells on twitter or fb. i peeked in the window of avo and found a workman looking back – oops. didn’t look very together to me and i think it’s opening while i’m out of london. will look forward to seeing both these additions when i return. meanwhile, if anyone does go in, PHOTOS!!!

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