New Film Anonymous: Edward de Vere – The Bard of Hackney?

\Brooke Brooke House A new film that opens this week claims that it was in fact  Edward de Vere 17th Earl of Oxford who wrote Shakespeare’s plays. De Vere lived in Stoke Newington from 1592 to 1596 then moved to the fashionable Clapton where he remained until his death in 1604. He lived in a house called King’s Place (later Brooke House) which stood where the B6 college now stands. More about Anonymous: Thanks to Friends of Clapton Cinematograph Theatre for the info


  1. Anonymous de Vere  HackneyI went to Brook House school (now B6 College) as did Sir/Lord / Baron Sugar of Amstrad and the Appentice fame. I think B6 should renamed in de Veres honour!Andrew

  2. Emily, do you by any chance have contact details for Friends of Clapton Cinematograph? I’ve tried emailing them in the past using the email on their website but not had any response so far… Thanks for your help!Laura

  3. @lauramack yes, send me an email through the contact page and I’ll foward it on

  4. This is mental! I’m a direct ancestor of Edward DeVere, I only just found out they lived in Brooke House – my partner and I have just bought a house on Brooke Road literally opposite the BSix College… also my Great Grandmother lived just down the street and I had no idea about that either… totally random. Brilliant.

  5. @shakespearehackneystratford might be interested in this conversation.

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