New feeds for groups

I have been working hard to add feeds to each yeah! Hackney group using Google’s feedburner service, so you can be notified of new content in each group.To sign up to feeds simply go to your favourite  group look at the group description and click the RSS or subscribe by email links. if you have any questions please add them below


  1. Is there a way to subscribe by email to all my groups rather than going through each group individually? It just takes sooooo long.

  2. @miraclefish unfortunately that’s not something it can do right now (it’s something that stopped working a few upgrades and a hosting move) I won’t get too technical, but its in the realm of fiddling with servers. This is a great stop gap for now to keep up with your favourite groups. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of all activity, but that’s a lot of stuff.

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