New Features

What would you like to see as a a new feature on the site?


  1. I’m just adding the Plugin: BuddyPress Moderation – I want to make sure users can flag trolls if need be.Seems to work pretty well from a user and admin perspective :)Damn I don’t want it on the blog pages. I’ll add it to the to-do list and do some more digging at some point – sorted, it was a setting in the dashboard 🙂

  2. Invite others to join (once I open it up for people to sign up)

  3. Sitewide search – not just blogs – done! 🙂

  4. twitter open auth would be ace

  5. This suggestion/question should probably have gone here not the general Group page. So, Q: Can the Member names pop up as tooltip text when we mouseover ”Recently Active Member Avatars” on the RH sidebar?

  6. @DonaldS I’ll look into it – done 🙂

  7. New feature’s added – external links open in a new window, pagination on list pages is batter, groups can now have tags and OpenAuth will happen once the site is open for all users

  8. Galleries in groups – working on a plugin that isn’t quite working for me yet. It works, but needs some serious styling, disabled for now.

  9. New flickr tab in profiles, but it needs some styling

  10. Personal Albums are in now, I wasn’t sure about it, but looks like people are using it so great!

  11. @hackneye I have added a hover over thing for avatar – do you like?

  12. hey @3stripe you can now put links from trusted sites e.g. flickr and YouTube in a comment and it will show the content.

  13. We have a points system! more details and development to come 🙂

  14. Yay for everything going on so far!Would it be possible to eventually be able to organise our photo album, like to create mini-albums within, or to at least organise the photos and move them around, rather than to just keep them in the order uploaded?Also, it would be mega-useful to be able to link more than one blog on our profiles, for those geeks who have more than one blog, ie me.YAAAAAAY!!

  15. Adding additional web addresses should be easy enough, I will look at that later and let you know when it’s done.Photo albums is not something that I want to expand on at the moment because 1) I don’t want to become a photo site (we have flickr for that) and 2) I don’t want to become a big file dump for peoples photos (I’m financing the hosting myself)

  16. @quitepeculiar – it’s as I though, you can add as many websites as you want to that same box

  17. Oh! Cool. And understandable regarding the photography. Is there a Fuck Yeah Hackney Flickr group?

  18. @quitepeculiar the flickr group is here I did set up a page here but debating what to do with it at the moment

  19. geopress – > foursquare integration– edit –here’s the link:

  20. thanks, I’ll have a look

  21. Closing this thread as it’s no longer relevant, it was way before the recent upgrades, more on those here:

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