New Cafe at Hackney Empire: Feed

Food and venue management service Kudos has opened Feed, it’s new eatery at the Hackney Empire, replacing The Empire Cafe run by Urban Inns. It’s another non-local business, which is a bit of a shame. I haven’t been by, so I’m not sure what they are offering (I think sandwiches etc). At the time of writing this the Empire website doesn’t yet reflect the change. Has anyone been in? More info at:


  1. again?! The other one hadn’t been open that long had it?!

  2. Think this may have changed management a few weeks ago, though with little fanfare. The decor remains the same (the lamps are still there), the menu seems very similar if a little cheaper, and there’s only a few signs to show that Feed now run it. They use Pelican Rouge coffee and the staff seem to smile- those are the two biggest changes I can notice.”

  3. @londontheinside over 1yr 4 months according to the other thread

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