New Cafe: 119 Lower Clapton Road

It will be opening \hopefully Thursday” (14th) at 119 LCR – next to Blue Tit.”


  1. Blimey, that’s quick! They were just building the counter the other day when I went past. Really looking forward to somewhere else nice to go to, when I should be at home working instead…

  2. Serving workshop coffee, at least to start with

  3. @ewebberAny idea what kind of food they’ll be doing? I’ve looked for a websitte or facebook page but can’t find one.

  4. @jason I’m not sure, but you’ll be able to see on Thursday!

  5. So @119lowerclapton when are you opening?

  6. Hopefully when the paint stops rubbing off on my clothes.  Not going to mention the date yet……..every time I do that it becomes a big fib! Watch this space and the shop window for more info!

  7. Will do. Good luck.

  8. @119lowerclapton we look forward to it 🙂

  9. @119Lowerclapton – I’m looking forward to your new cafe opening as well, very best of luck with it! Have you decided on a menu yet, if so is it posted up anywhere online?

  10. Well another start of the week has passed and it looks like another will have to come before we open. A few issues with the plumbing and floor painting has held things up a bit. Hope to see you all soon……

  11. @119Lowerclapton , do you plan to remove the aluminium/metal facade? The Blue Tit salon next door did a great job in resurrecting their original timber framework. I believe William Hill originally ripped the soul out of 119, so it would be great to see some love return to this building. Also, do you plan to use internal or external shutters? I look forward to seeing you up and running soon!

  12. I don’t intend to  fit shutters and unfortunately my budget doesn’t allow for a new shop front (at least not in the beginning).  Despite the aluminium I hope that what I’ve done has added a bit of life and soul. Someone asked about food – fresh, simple, tasty.  Nothing on line yet, the website is a work in progress. Plumber is plumbing, cant wait to switch the coffee machine on!

  13. No shutters is great news from an aesthetics perspective – the Narrow Way is a great example of how shutters can create a gloomy and intimidatory atmosphere after dark. I understand how budgets can restrict –  the aluminium could work with a slightly industrial decor or maybe even painting it a colour that would fit the rest of your colour scheme – just a thought.Anything you do will be better than what was there before! 🙂

  14. good luck.. its never easy to open a new business. Cant wait to have a decent coffee 🙂

  15. Dare I say it . . . . . Opening today at noon.

  16. Looks very nice from a quick glance this morning.

  17. looking forward to the reviews. i’ve always wanted to open my own cafe! on the other hand, sometimes i just want to run into someone else’s cafe kitchen and show them how it’s done. (blush) e.g. decent salsa, good french toast (stuffed french toast!), nachos…not that these are things i want to have but when i’m served bad versions!

  18. I look forward to checking it out at the weekend.Anyone know the opening hours and/or menu?@119lowerclapton

  19. @ewebber They’re closing at 5pm for the first couple of months and will then reconsider.Excellent espresso! And try a very nice cheese and spring onion scone at a very reasonable £1.20 (if I remember correctly). Their butternut squash salad also looked good.Nice atmosphere, and I was pleased to see the pricing was not exclusive.

  20. Wow and phew!  Day one was a pleasure, hope it was for our customers too (thanks benjamin for lovely comments).  Now must sleep (a lot!).

  21. Congrats @119Lowerclapton I’ll pop by soon.

  22. Got a delicious, fuss free, take-away flat white from there this morning while I was waiting for the bus.

  23. Good luck! I will come to say hi soon

  24. Tried it on Friday  – lovely cafe, lovely welcome -had a lovely pot of tea. Gill had a lovely sarnie and coffee – will definitely be back, a welcome addition  to the area.

  25. We had great coffee and tea here recently. Nice uncluttered Scandinavian style interior – very friendly service. I think @119Lowerclapton will be offering more food choices in the next few weeks/months – definitely nice spot to unwind while enjoying a fine brew and if lucky some LCR sunshine! It would be great to see some external seating in the summer 🙂

  26. I really liked it too. Love those big windows letting in all that light – perfect for people watching and watching the life of LCR.

  27. Now with Facebook page;

  28. Is this the new cafe near Powerscroft road?  Been past it a few times while on the bus.  Look forward to going there soon.  Might go there tomorrow if I have time.

  29. @thoracic2 that’s the one, let us know what you think

  30. Our loyalty cards arrived today, hot off the press, thought we would stick with the tradition as we reckon most people are up for a free coffee every now and again!  We are venturing into the world of brunch this weekend but I hope you have been enjoying the lighter bites in the meantime.  Hope to see you all soon Erica 🙂  Ps.  Hope this is not classed as shameful advertising.

  31. I checked out the cafe last Sunday. Has lots of space to wheel my chair around in and the food was great!  I really like it and Erica is charming.  Looking forward to trying something else there soon.

  32. London’s Best Coffee app finds @119Lowerclapton Number One! Quite an accolade!London's Best Coffee

  33. Arr thanks for spotting this.  We were ever so chuffed but it was a bit of a new entry fluke.  Our first rating was 5/5 (my mum?) so we jumped straight to the top ahead of Prufrock’s 700 odd votes but ‘only’ an overall score of 4.75.  Well we made the most of it for a few days.  Prufrock now back at the top – well they are amazing, world barista champions and all.

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