New Boiler required!!

Hi – Does anyone have the recent good experience of having their boiler replaced by a good local plumber?  I would be interested in any information or tips you may be able to pass on to help us with this job.  Many thanks. Suzi.


  1. we had ours done by a local guy called yusef 07976275239, he was well priced quick and know what he was doing with all the corect certifications

  2. I always use and recomend, you post the job and get bidders plus you can check their feedback from previous jobs.  is good to compare prices, i got two radiators installed at a very reasonable price.

  3. I disagree with the person who suggested  I used them and had a guy come to my house.  He tried to repair the boiler and ended up having him back over TEN TIMES!!!  When I contacted to complain (he had 100% positive feedback) they said that it was not anything to do with them. A little further digging and I discovered that they get paid by the trade people and do no checking on them at all!!!!Anyway I had my whole boiler replaced by a great company – website is were professional, found the problem on first visit and the price was great too.  The other bonus was that I still had just over half my annual holiday entitlement left too.Good Luck!

  4. are  very good and have a strong focus on maximising efficiency which is sensible given gas prices. I can strongly endorse going for an independent and staying completely clear of the energy suppliers. They are a complete rip off and should be avoided at all costs.”

  5. Hi Guys, I checked all of the above out today as I need new heating system too (doing whole house).  The best by far was the property saftey solutions.  The eco tech are just a companny that traders pay to join (just like mybuilder/turst trader etc) and the one man band yusef was very expensive which surprised me.

  6. I’d say eco technicians are a little different to my builder and trusted traders as they have a particular skills focus that most heat engineers sadly don’t have and paying to be part of the network isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your boiler is going to last for 15 or so years so and going to soak up a fair bit of cash to run so it’s worth looking at a good, efficient installation.

  7. Thanks guys – this is all definitely good food for thought.  I will get onto it and let you know my experience.

  8. Hi Guys, Me again – I have to just say that the company I used sent round a plumber and heating engineer who was very experienced.  I discussed all my options with them including eco wood pellett boiler and hot water system which he knew inside out. I did not proceed with that option due to the cost aspect but they were fantastic. I have to agree with Lorna –  the eco tech site does seem a little like my builder (sorry jamieb)

  9. Slightly different scale – mybuilder has 50,000 traders in their network and Ecotechnicians has 25 🙂

  10. Sorry Jamie, They still only recommend traders that have paid a very large fee to join – sounds like my builder but only using the eco front band waggon – also they do not guarantee the work of the trade people so again seems to be another company making money for not much! I do like the ethos though – Sorry Jamie but we have to agree to disagree.  I feel really bad and as you said they were great when you got someone from there.

  11. Fair enough. I’d recommend checking out the Which boiler review as some brands of boiler are best avoided:

  12. I checked out the which link and it is really interesting – I will never look at boilers in quite the same way again – I suppose it is silly not to think about boilers in terms of good bad and ugly!!! Has anyone seen my chimney question? only one response…Thanks

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