Needed good dentist in Hackney or surroundings

Hi there can anyone recommend a great dentist with clean and modern practice that provides high quality work in Clapton, Hackney or surroundings?


  1. Hey Natalie, I can recommend City Dentist at 60 Tabernacle St, is a little out of the Hackney area, but only just – is just near Gt Eastern St off the Old St roundabout.  You can still get NHS appts here. I would also add you should definitely NOT go to Wanda Lissovska at Dentessentials on Curtain Road. I went to her after finding it hard to find somewhere in Hackney that did NHS appointments.  It was everything a dentist shouldn’t be – unprofessional and worse, sadistic! I’m still having issues with two teeth, 3 years after one appt with her, so feel strongly that I should warn anyone living locally about this place. If you google her, you can see that others have had similar experiences.

  2. Thank you so much for that advice! i will check out City Dentist cheers nat

  3. You’re welcome! Good luck x

  4. It’s worth checking out the 2 other threads we have on dentists and

  5. Hi Natalie, I have been to City Smile -460B  Hackney Road and they are pretty good. I went there for a second opinion and am considering moving there from my current dentist in Islington.

  6. I went in to the one on Mare Street and walked straight out again, its horrible in there. The one on Lower Clapton Road is very nice, I recommend it.

  7. @lizzie which one on LCR?

  8. Thank you Uma for recommending the one in Hackney Rd, i liked the look of them and booked an appointment on tuesday so will keep you posted! : )

  9. Hope you like them, Natalie. Would begood to know what you think.

  10. Today i went to City Smitle on 406b Hackney Rd and i was welcomed with a big poster ‘ I love teeth’ and i must admit that is what i thought of my teeth when i left. The dentist L. Burg was pleasant, informative, efficient and professional. He advised me about not brushing my teeth quite as hard since that was eroding them and if i wanted to remove some stains the hygienist would be good for that. After 2 quick digital xrays he found one small cavity, so i will have to go back for that.  I had booked a hygienist already and Egle did a terrific job of removing my coffee and red wine stains. So all in all i thoroughly recommend CitySmile!Thanks Uma for the recommendation!

  11. No worries. A friend recommended it. Glad it’s worked out for you, too.

  12. @ewebber the one next to Biddle Bros, think its just helpfully called ‘General Dental Practice’. It’s good! (as good as dentists get anyway)

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