Need studio flat OR small, calm flat/warehouse share

Hi potential roomates and landlords, So I’m currently living in an insane party house in the Wick (I lov the Wick) which is fine except I work full time and am feelin a bit old and insane from lack of sleep atm 🙂 So I’m looking for something much smaller and chiller in Hackney Wick – either a studio on my own, or a smaller share (4-6) with some chill people into the same things as me. I love graffiti, street art, hiphop, reading, cooking insane awesome sandwiches and getting a bit crazy at the weekend; during the week I’m driven, passionate and busy working on art projects so need a calm headspace to live in. I’m cool with parties at weekends and whatnot, I just can’t handle being kept up til 3-4am every morning 🙁 Budget is *around* £700-£900 per month all in for a share, and I’d go up to £1000 all in for a studio flat. Zone 3 or lower. I’m looking to move end of July and should have a deposit to put down in around a week. I’m 28, F and in full-time employment.