NANA – Great cause

I contributed to the Kickstarter on this and seems that there are other opportunities. What a great idea for older people and for those with children who need a break.


  1. Hi Janice, hope all is well with you. We met a couple of months ago in reference to the various catering vacancies you were advertising. It looks like the builders are taking their sweet time down at the Convenience. If you ever need any help either voluntary or paid dont hesitate to give me a shout. M.

  2. @ClaptonPieman might have been Yasmin you met! Met with her yesterday and they are coming along really nicely with the building. Would be nice if this opens for Christmas. Has anyone else seen it – in the old toilets bottom of Chatsworth Road?

  3. Yeah, I;ve been inside and I’m really impressed with what they’ve achieved with such a small space. The roof terrace makes a big difference. I’m the de-facto chef and we’re in the final stages of getting the kitchen sorted out and we should be up and running well in time for Xmas.

  4. oh *you’re\ the chef yasmin talked about. nice one. the roof terrace is a BIG plus. i hope to help out any way i can…”

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