Name my cat

@alexpink and I are planning on buying a couple of cats and want some name suggestionsArchibald or Derek are leading for me at the moment


  1. First things first, I can’t recommend Goddard on Well Street highly enough. surgeon has been great. However, if you join them you must also join the following facebook group: I believe you should be calling one of your cats Terence Alan Patrick Seán Milligan, or Spike if you prefer. He was schooled in your beloved Catford.

  2. Or Steven after Cat Stevens who lived in CatfordI might add Terence to the mixAnyway shhhhh, don’t tell everyone I’m from south London

  3. Will these cats need to be called for late at night? Will you ever need to explain to the firebrigade that ‘tiddles’ is stuck up a tree. These are the things one must consider when naming a cat.

  4. That’s an excellent point that I never considered (our cats are housebound). My sister has a cat called ‘fish’ (previous owner), I’d really like to be there when the fireman calls it down. Preferably filming.

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