MYIP: Lovely co-working space in Hackney Wick

Hello. I’ve just joined a coworking space in Hackney Wick. They’re asking for help getting the word out (it’s pretty new) so I thought I’d share this where I thought it might be useful (i.e. with you). I’ve been here a couple of weeks and I think the best thing I can say about it is that it has a much less wanky vibe than many of the coworking venues I’ve tried (and ended up going back to working from home.) There’s plenty of info about it here: there’s info on pricing here:!work/cj5l There’s a bit of noise from work happening at the Olympic Park at the moment, mind. Tori who runs the place said to drop some contact info, so here it is.Email: tori@mainyardinnovation.orgTel: 07877 042662 They’re quite open to visitors if you want to come and have a bit of a nose about. That’s about it really. Ta, James

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