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So what are some music venues you’ve been to in Hackney? Where have you caught an impromptu jazz session, seen a band perform, or caught a DJ set? What are your favourites? Who have you seen?I’ve been to Cargo on Rivington Street in Shoreditch a few times, most recently to see Best Coast perform and soon to see Toro y Moi. It’s all right. Drinks are pretty pricey, though, with a mixed drink being £7.50. You get a double shot, but still.Also in Shoreditch, I’ve been to Three Blind Mice to catch some good DJ sets. My friend and some of his friends play there periodically really nice tunes out of the ska, calypso, dubstep and reggae genres. Mostly old, classic stuff. It’s good, and I’m not really one who considers myself very much into reggae.Then there’s The Haggerston on Kingsland Road. On Sundays they have jazz night, where there’s a DJ playing jazz music along with live acts. It’s been good. A friend of mine refers to it as The Boy Supermarket, because of the packs of men that seem to populate the club. That may be of interest to some of you.What else?


  1. I’ve been to the George, which used to do Folk on Mondays and Jazz on Tuesdays, and was great, but it seems like it no longer exists. And the Railroad is a new café/restaurant/bar which hosts regular music nights. Check out:

  2. @kris I keep meaning to go to the Railroad to see some live music. I’ve only been in the day time. Good coffee.

  3. @alexpink: Indeed! Great food, too.

  4. I like New Empowering Church, Passing Clouds, Stoke Newington International Airport and Cafe Oto for more offbeat fare.I like the Haggerston but never know what’s on there on any given day. I went to a psychedelic night there called onomatopeia which was amazing, but not sure if it’s still running or when.Too many to mention in Shoreditch…

  5. I have to add the Moustache Bar in Dalston. Particularly as I’m one of the residents there.

  6. Jazz at Vortex in Gillet Square has good stuff on regularly. Don’t know if the Marie Lloyd still has bands on but they used to have some live stuff on regularly. The Talbot on Englefield Rd has some pretty mainstream DJ nights on.

  7. I went past the Marie Lloyd bar the other day and it looked like it was being turned into something else – has anyone else noticed?

  8. Café Oto all the way! Went to a few very eclectic and good gigs there; I don’t always know what’s playing in advance, I tend to just turn up and enjoy the surprise.Can I just say about Railroad, I went there for lunch there the other day, had the most amazing celeriac and beans soup. Really worth going there…

  9. Hey guys, just thought I would mention the jazz on Thursday and Saturday nights at Biddle Brothers bar on Lower Clapton Road. I’ve seen mentions in other posts of the famous Biddle Bros parrot but I would definitely recommend going along to the jazz nights, it’s a good night out and you can order food in from local takeaways! (After a bit of a break I’ve got my blog up and running again and I wrote about my favourite Hackney/Eastside pubs…

  10. Good choices there Goodlegs. I went to the old Empowering Church before it was turned into flats but haven’t checked out the new one yet. Cafe Oto is lovely and Passing Clouds can be great fun if a bit packed nowadays. Shacklewell arms is good for a boogie and they’re doing live gigs as well as DJ nights now. Has anyone been to The Drop yet?  I’ve heard some good words about it but not made it down yet. Andy Weatherall has a monthly night there which might be worth checking out.

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