Movement:Artworks is proud to announce that the next exhibition in its program is taking place on the dates of 6th – 16th February 2014 at:A-side B-side Gallery5-9 Amhurst TerraceDalstonE8 2BTPrivate View: Thursday 6th February 6 – 9pmFollowing on from the incredibly successful launch of Movement:Artworks at Pictorem Gallery, Walthamstow on 10th January 2014, the company is looking to build on this with this next event. This artist led company is the very embodiment of creative people applying that very creativity into not only creating amazing art, but to take the initiative and to forge their own career in the artworld. To put themselves in the position to bring other amazing artists into the fold and to help them in their careers. To form an active community that is engaged and passionate about sharing and expressing their love of art.Lead by CEO & Founder John Clair is himself a graphic, portrait artist of high regard. Its his vision for Movement:Artworks is to ethos that enables themselves as part of a greater collective to enable others artists to achieve greater recognition for their work.His core team consists of firstly, Ellin-Jane Kennard, Managing Director of M:A who couples her talent for colourful and whimsical illustration with the keen nous of an experienced businesswoman.Then Creative Director, Pauli Bates (A.K.A Hmmmbates) is the creative engine of the team. When is not brightening the world with his unique brand of colourful pop portraiture, his boundless enthusiasm and creative zeal has proved invaluable in the establishing of the brand.Last, but by no means least, is the Marketing Director and bold, modernist portrait painter, Mathew Vieira. His passion and expression is felt both in the distinctive style of his painting to his zealous evangelism of the brand.Artists like Carne Griffiths & Francesco Jacobello have exhibited with Movement:Artworks with many more showing interest in future projects. Both John Clair and Mathew Vieira are currently both exhibitors with Debut Contemporary.In addition to the fine artists that make up the Movement:Artworks core team, we are proud to be exhibiting alongside some of the most vital and exciting artists to be exhibiting in London right now. These include:Carlos Martyn Burgos | Francesco Jacobello | Patricia Andrade | Abak | Niloufar Brook | Joni Belaruski | Jarno | James Ward | Bronte Adams | Laura Tinald | Billy A.BIt’s strong association with Debut Contemporary has enabled M:A to attract some of the finest artists in their stable. With many more awesome artists to be announced. We are very excited by the project and very much look forward to your participation.As before, The SaltLime will again be providing the party atmosphere with exotic cocktails and flair bartending.Thank youThe Movement:Artworks TeamPlease find below links to our social media sites to keep up to date the the shenanigans at Movement:Artworks:Facebook: @MovementArtwork”