Motorbike licence training / test recommendations

Last year I got a bigger bike (125cc), so re-did my CBT, I’m now keen to ditch the L plates and maybe go a bit bigger again.

I have passed my motorbike theory test already, so I’m looking for recommendations of where to go to do the practical. Does anyone have any?

I’ll do either the A2 or the full Direct Access rather than restrict myself to 125cc. I’d prefer to pay nearer £500 than £1000, but would rather somewhere good.

So far I have scooterden in Dalston, who look like just A1 and direct access) around £600 if you pass both modules first time

And Eastside riders on Lea Bridge Rd (where I did my CBT), who do A1, A2 and direct access it’s not clear what they charge

Any others in Hackney?


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  2. Would you recommend Lea Bridge for CBT? I only want to ride a 50cc Piaggio Ape, so 90 nicker for the day seems pretty steep, but…

  3. yup, they were good and I would recommend them. It was my second CBT and I have been riding for a while, but there were new riders in our group too.
    I am going back there for my direct access, they offer lessons for £80 for 2 hours as well as the full course.

  4. Hey thanks, and good luck with yours!

  5. I’d be surprised if you got it for much less than £90 in London and it’s worth understanding how to manoeuvre and ride in traffic. You can also try Motoden who I have used before, but I don’t think they’re cheaper.

  6. i did my CBT with Scooterden and it was over £100, would definitely recommend though.
    am also going to be doing my full motorcycle licence in April – ewebber, have you heard much to compare leabridge to scooterden in terms of price/quality?

  7. Hey Nick, I was interested in going back to leabridge (Eastside riders) because they were good, they are really close to me (they are in the Lea Valley ice centre car park, I’m in Clapton and I think scooterden do their lessons in Finsbury Park) and they offer the 2 hour one-on-one lessons. I’ve been riding a geared bike (albeit hand gears) for about 10 years, so I think this will be more cost effective than an intensive courses. I couldn’t work out if scooterden do the same thing, so not sure about price comparison. I’m sure both are good.

  8. thanks Emily, much appreciated!

  9. My first lesson is Monday morning 😕 so I’ll let you know how it goes

  10. Hey Emily, how did you go with this? I’ve had 3 days training with Scooterden, which I couldn’t really fault to be honest. However, I got a bit hot on the brake pedal when doing my mod 1 and skidded in the emergency stop = fail.
    CBT expires in May so I might just go for the A1 light motorcycle tests for the time being to avoid redoing my CBT… annoying!

  11. It’s going well, I like the once a week sessions and can’t imagine how my clutch hand would fare with an intensive course, a couple of hours gives me cramp! Marvin is a great teacher, I’m on a 600cc (frightening) but they have 125cc bikes too for A1. If I was going for the A1 I’d probably try to do it in a vespa PX (somewhere in South London does it) but I only plan on riding vintage scooters with hand gears and have been for years.

  12. Yeah I did my training on a 600cc bike, was a bit daunting at first but once you get used to it then it’s really good fun. a fellow learner had quite a nasty tumble and was really shaken up but the instructor through Scooterden was amazing, fair play.
    was super annoying to fail the mod 1 and the A1 test is just as these are available at short notice and cheaper as I don’t need to hire a bike etc…

  13. Sounds sensible, but a little annoying. Good luck with the A1

  14. Re comment 1&3: I went to East Side, fine, Manik Rahman’s a lovely guy!

  15. @trebots great stuff. I have Marvin as a trainer, who is really good. It’s not always easy getting lessons booked in, especially as it’s getting warm. They do now have £20 an hour practice sessions, which is great.

    My Mod1 and Mod2 is booked in – I’m getting a little nervous already!

  16. Nerves, my cylindrical headwarmer: you must be quite the expert now. I was thinking of a couple of training hours a couple of days before the exam, but otherwise hoping to wing it on the back of an extended tour of Essex.

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