Morning Exercise Sessions – straight after school drop-off

Tuesday Morning Training – Starting September 11 at London Fields Fitness Studio Sessions start at 9:15 am – so you can come straight to the studio after dropping kids at school.  If you get here early, have a sit down on our couch and make good use of our magazines, coffee machine and cold drinks fridge.  You can avail yourself of these facilities after the session too 🙂 Morning exercise sessions wake you up and enable you to fit more into your day.  With regular training you will burn fat, lose weight, strengthen your bones, improve your muscle tone, develop greater strength and stamina  – enabling you to walk faster (or even run!) to where you need to be, and giving you more time to spend doing things you want to do. You will also strengthen your heart and lungs and boost your oxygen uptake which helps your brain function better and improves your memory – meaning less time wasted wondering where you left those keys! Sessions end at 10 am, leaving you plenty of time to get on with the rest of your day. All classes are pay as you go with no pre-booking or membership required, but class sizes are limited to ensure everyone gets the benefits of working with a personal trainer combined with the motivation and social aspects of group training. Men and women of all shapes, ages and fitness levels welcome. For more information, contact me by email  or telephone 0789 483 6439.