More Android talk… Galaxy S2

I’ve just been offered a pretty nice upgrade to Galaxy S2 – more data, minutes and texts than I could use. But it’s a 24 month contract, will it hold out for 2 years?

Has anyone had a play, dual core means superfast.


  1. I’ve got one. It is indeed superfast, Android 2.3 is a great improvement and the screen is lovely (and big).

    i’m on a 24 month contract although I had an opportunity to go for 18 months for £5 a month more which I should have gone for on reflection. But 18 months is standard for smart phones nowadays so another 6 months isn’t going to hurt and this performance should keep me happy for a good while.

  2. I basically have to upgrade as my free data ran out with my contract so my bill suddenly doubled (thanks for the warning Orange) and I don’t think I’d get a different phone

  3. Well I can recommend the phone although I’ve only had it for a week. It’s certainly a big step up in performance compared with my HTC Hero

  4. I have a hero at the moment, I also have an iphone4 for work and the hero feels so slow in comparison. I shouldn’t moan too much, @alexpink has a HTC tattoo – he suffers much more

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