Mindfulness and Self-Kindness for Emotional Wellbeing (8-Week Daytime Workshop)

DatesThe course will be run on Tuesdays between 11.00 and 13.00 from 25th September until 13th November 2012.Location The Centre for Better Health1A Darnley RoadHackney CentralE9 6QH What is Mindfulness?Mindfulness is a form of meditation a word that is often misunderstood which has been shown to be a life-enhancing practice and to help people with a history of depression anxiety addiction chronic pain general stress anger and other overwhelming emotions. A central idea is that we all spend too much time ‘in our heads’ usually thinking about the past or the future and so we lose touch with the present moment.Our thoughts often contribute to unhappiness anxiety worry and other forms of emotional pain. Such thoughts can become very powerful and they use up all our attention and time and contribute to painful feelings. The aim of the mindfulness practice is to loosen the grip our thoughts have and so to reduce their power.Mindfulness is a way of developing a relationship with ourselves and the world that is attentive and accepting. Often we find ourselves worrying about the future and getting lost in thoughts about the past that keep us trapped in old patterns that we automatically repeat. This can rob us of our ability to be in the present moment. Mindfulness helps us to purposefully notice our thoughts feelings and bodily sensations freshly and without judgement. To reserve your place please contact Luka on luka.lvcounselling@gmail.com or 07752903283. Further detaila can also be found in the Mindfulness Workshops section on my website www.lvcounselling.co.uk. “