Metropolitan Drinking Fountain & Cattle Trough

I think I’m correct in stating that the drinking fountain/trough at Pembury junction (currently abandoned and utilised as part of a containing wall) is the only trough in London to be neglected in such a way.Other boroughs seem to be fully aware of their historical significance and what an asset they are to an area. Apparently not so in Hackney Council.I suggest that it should be removed from the wall, planted up like other troughs are, and situated somewhere it can be more appreciated (perhaps at the entrance of Hackney Downs, by the Three Sisters, two hundred meters up the road?).I’ve got a photo of the trough but can’t upload it.


  1. Hi @benjamin you can’t upload photos directly to the forum, but you can to your album here: or upload it to a photo hosting site and embed it here.

  2. Thanks. I’ve tried that but every time I try to upload it fails; \Oops! This link appears to be broken”. I’ll try again later.”

  3. this is @benjamin‘s photoDrinking fountain@rickmuir is this in your ward?”

  4. Thanks Emily. Yes it is in Rick’s ward. Actually, it was Rick who sent me the photo.

  5. benjamin you can put forward items such as this trough for local listing, street furniture, signs, posts etc. can all be nominated if you feel that they are worthy.Make your nominations here…

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