Barry Reddin

  • Thank you for this info Emily, I had no idea the Chesham is under threat as well. These old pubs must have some historic value to the community. If I had my way they would be listed. The club culture, anti smoking […]

  • Reading about the fight to keep the Prince Edward pub from being demolished made me think.
    How many of you out there have fond memories of Old Hackney pubs? My locals were the Prince Edward and Uncle Toms Cabin […]

  • Cant remember the name Ken, I was gone by 1970, I became a postman at Aylesbury, got a new house with the job.
    We had a horrible AI called Mathews and one called Ernie ? cant recall the surname. One I did like […]

  • That’s amazing news Ken, that they have such historical value.
    I can’t help thinking that the guy who owned the negatives probably couldn’t show them around years ago because of the stigma of being a “conchie” […]

  • This pub was my local in the sixties and holds lots of fond memories for me. It was managed by John Margaret Birrane during this period.
    There was always a good crowd in there, both bars.
    There was darts, shove […]

  • Thank you for all your additions to the post Ken, pictures and snippets of knowledge, they all bring back fond memories.
    I have also seen the photos you posted from the collection that you found, very […]

  • I have just recalled the 739. It was a sorry you were out form. You filled it in and put it through the door. The customer used it to retrieve their parcels, packets et. Which couldn’t be delivered because they were out.

  • In my day Ken if you did something wrong or was accused of any misdemeanour you were given a P18.
    We had a few PHGs who thought it was hilarious to threaten you with a P18. You had to fill the form in giving your […]

  • I think your a bit of a hoarder Ken. I bet you have an old sorting frame in your loft. I wonder if you remember what a P18 form was and if you ever got any?

  • I think It’s a drivers jacket with ordinary postie trousers.
    That might even be Ken. In my days we had a red stripe down the side of the trousers and we always had to wear a hat. I think it was in case we were […]

  • That was cousin George Ken, I think he became an inspector in the end. He came to Homerton before I left as an acting inspector.
    I only found this site by accident but I am only really interested in the history […]

  • Like you Ken I was a postman in Hackney, Homerton SDO to be precise.
    I started in 1962 and finished in 1970. Great years and great times I enjoyed every moment. I had a cousin who worked at Brook Road perhaps you knew him?.

  • I remember the shop Diane but not the name I’m afraid. I loved Woolworths in those days, I think we lost a treasure there.
    I lived around the well st. area bottom of Morning Lane. I would get a number 30 bus to […]

  • Dear Primrose, I know Hockley House well, I used to have friends who lived in that estate. We would sit in the stairwells with our transistor radios blaring. I was a postman for many years in the local sorting […]