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Paul aka Piecesofeight aka SingleAspect lived in London fulltime from August 1973 to September 1980 and has a historical take on the capital having seen it change enormously since that time over thirty years ago. The majority of that period was spent living in different parts of Hackney and I support and applaud this website.
Working for the GLC at Morning Lane in 1977 I was replacing front doors on flats in tower blocks then that have long since gone, on the Trowbridge Estate, to be replaced by houses with gardens, which people prefer.
I would like to know more about the Comprehensive Estates Intiative which led to the demolition of the tower blocks all over Hackney. I would like to know the names of the estates involved. So far I only know that they included Trowbridge and Holly Street. I would like to meet and talk to those people whose careers involved the regeneration of those estates.
1973 Finsbury Park / Leyton
1974 Leyton
1975 Leyton / Stamford Hill
1976 Stamford Hill / Victoria Park
1977 Victoria Park
1978 Deptford
1979 Deptford
1980 Deptford
You can write directly to me at blog@singleaspect.org.uk

Why you love Hackney

I like the eclectic and industrial nature of an area that has so much history.

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