About me

Lived in Hackney and Homerton from the age of 1 (1947). Left in 1971 for Essex. Frequently returned to visit relatives and have also merely driven through thousands of times to get to work and other places. Noticed many changes. I see them as mainly changes for the worse. I can’t emphasise enough what an orderly well run place it was during the years immediately after the war. Having said that I was uplifted on a walking trip 2 years ago to see the efforts being made to improve the place. Let’s hope at the same time the mindset of what I hope is a minority can also be changed to one of civic pride and order. Have now retired and know no-one in London any more. I Have written about the way of life as it was in my memoirs insofar as it touched on my life (written for family history purposes). I have been posting my old pictures of Hackney on Flickr. Although there are plenty of excellent digital shots posted by others of the present day streetscene they will have to wait for time to pass to become more iconic. Most of my postings however are of an era which will never return so are generically valuable from that point of view. I just wish I had taken more care when I took them. I think the problem was that one was aware that a roll of film was a finite source, not exactly cheap and also the more pictures you took the more committed you became to developing the rolls etc. So it was laziness really that prevented me from producing a more comprehensive archive!

Why you love Hackney

Through a sense of historical nostalgia