About me

Living in Hackney Central and loving it.

Why you love Hackney

Because I live here, It's down to earth ( still) A big thank you to the person who started yeah! Hackney…. a great initiative and a great way of finding out what’s going on in ‘da hood’ especially now it seems to be getting sooo hip. I have a sense of deja vue as for many years I lived in Shoreditch, Arnold Cirus. I’m very much into the arts and creative people/ideas like the yeah! Hackney website. I am a volunteer for the council supporting elderly people with either shopping, computer lessons and befriending. The history of Hackney is amazingly rich and interesting and we continue to create history. Things I love about Hackney. The many green spaces The vibe The new Picture House on Mare Street +1 Films on Fridges More to follow, Mark