Kelly-Laila Al-Saleh

About me

I’m a 38 (yes that old!) graphic designer. Got a 3 bed flat in Clapton with a massive garden (40ft). I’ll lose the lot if can’t keep 2 of the rooms rented out, either that or win the lottery. All my friends have emigrated or started having babies. So, time for me to expand my network. I’d love to meet like-minded creative people in the area. My hobbies:Graphic Design (I know it’s my job!), Furniture design, advertising ideas, gardening, quilting, making things, bellydancing. My musical tastes are quite wide; Punk, Indie, Hiphop, drumNbass, dance, chicago house etc etc.

Why you love Hackney

City links, near Shoreditch, great mix, scope for so much more, community etc