Meg Hillier

These two tweets from Meg Hillier annoyed me this week. Maybe an attempt to show her human side but they read to me as \I’m making sacrifices to help hackney make sure I get some credit for this”. Am I being a heartless twat?

“Left children sobbing as I abandoned them. and sim card gave up 3 days ago but Hackney comes first”

“Missing the kids. Daughters’ sobbing as I left them was heartbreaking. Certainly a holiday they’ll never forget.””


  1. I get where you’re coming from, but if you go back through her timeline you’ll see she often tweets about her family and how little time she gets to spend with them. I guess if you’re coming to it fresh it would look a bit off, but I think it’s ok really.

  2. In case anyone’s interested, her speech in Parliament yesterday can be found at

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