Cancer Research UK meet up

Hi there , we will be having our first potential committee meeting on Thursday the 24th of November at The Brintannia pub on Victoria Park RoadIf anyone is interested please come on down , I have reserved a table for half seven !


  1. I can’t make this Thursday, do you planon having any others soon?

  2. Hi Gemma,I’m coming along but unfortunately I’ll need to leave about 8.15pm as I’m working.CheersCarole

  3. Hi Carol , Ewebber an others !There has been quite a lot of interest for my fundraising group , however the majority are unable to make the 24th of November , therefore to make sure the group is beneficial to us all I think we should reschedule for next week , I will let you know a date later on today . Hopefully it will be far enough in advance for most of you to attend !Hopefully all that are planning on attending will see this message !Please let me know if you want to attend and also if you  have a specific date that would be good for you, want to make sure I have the best turn out possible.if you are really busy next week not to worry ! please let me know if you are still interested and I will be sure to keep up updated with any decisions made at the meetings.Warm RegardsGemma

  4. Okay, I’ll keep an eye out for the re-arranged date and hopefully be able to make it. Next Thursday works best for me at the moment. . .

  5. Thanks Carole , will be sure to let you know !

  6. I keep my eye out. Dec 6th is no no for me.

  7. Hi everyone, Just a quick update,  the fundraising group meeting is  rescheduled to: Monday 5th December at 7pm at Cancer Research UK head office in Angel. Please let me know if you need directions and info on how to reach us !  Even though it’s at our offices, it will still be an informal meeting for you to learn more about Cancer Research UK and fundraising as a group, and we should be done by 8:30pm. I’ve attached a map so that you can find us – please let me know if you’re coming, or if you’d like to come but aren’t available on the night, and I can keep you in the loop about future progressions. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Best wishes Gemma

  8. Hi @gemmarawlins85 can you add the full address and a link to gmaps for everyone – thanks

  9. oooh how do I do that ?

  10. Just go to gmaps, put the postcode in and grab then link, then paste it here – or alternatively the address would be enough.

  11. @gemmarawlins85 We need the address!!Is it here? Cancer Research UK, Angel Building, 407 St John Street, London EC1V 4AD

  12. Balls! I’m working till 7.00 on Well St common that night, which is just next to the Britannia Pub! Don’t think I would get to Angel in time for it to be worth while. I was going to offer my services as a Personal Trainer at the meeting. I’m happy to help train people or provide plans for sporting events that members might organise or take part in to raise funds. I can also try and get clients that are training for events to fund-raise for the group if they haven’t chosen a charity already. Hopefully that will be of some use to the committee. Please put me on the circulation list for minutes and future meeting dates as I’m sure there are other things that I can help with / get involved in  to raise funds. Its a charity close to my heart as family and friends have battled cancer, some not successfully. Best wishes Carole

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