McDonalds on Chatsworth road set to go through.

I cannot believe it. It seems the meeting at the town hall went really badly for Hackney last night and the initial plans for a McDonalds with Drive-Thru opposite Homerton Hospital have been approved. They’ve been really sneaky and its gone pretty much unnoticed but I’m sure there will be a petition soon and I’ll post asap.

A sad day.



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  2. OMG!! That can’t be I used to live in Elderfield and still love visiting Chatsworth for Sunday the hell would a dirty Mcdoanlds fit in? Can we try to stop it…

  3. hahahahaha.

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  7. Sounds like a very bad idea given the traffic situation is already very poor. I will certainly object.

  8. It’s after noon now, so fess up HackneyOG

  9. hahaha, good work HackneyOG, had me fooled for a second!

  10. Tee hee hee x

  11. Wow! April fools…I’m never this slow on the!

  12. what’s really funny is the knee jerk opposition to the idea of something for the plebs opening around our lovely middle class nirvana.

    • Very true Gavin! I personally think a few chains offering cheaper places to socialise would be good for the area.

    • I confess that I fell for this, and was kind of cheered up by the prospect. Fortunately for me, I can afford the fancy prices rising all over Clapton but there is an uneasy sense that they mean more and more doors to theoretically public spaces are closing to many of our neighbours

  13. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head Irvine. I went to Cave of Plunder recently, and it felt much more inclusive and welcoming of teens and non-wealthy families. I felt a bit out of place there, but then I thought about the massive psychological (let alone economic) barriers to going into all the places aimed squarely at the trendy middle class demographic.

  14. this thread is comedy gold.

    opening post – great

    initial reaction “oh no we can’t possibly have (another) mcdonalds in our lovely newly gentrified locale” reaction – great

    converse reaction “the proles need somewhere to eat too, of course personally i don’t visit such places but they might want somewhere to go before bingo and beers” – great

    whilst the vast majority of newer places opening do appeal to the more middle class sections of the community, there’s still not exactly a shortage of chicken/fast food places and cheaper stores for those in the area with less cash to splash.

  15. I think on the strength of this thread your next twee8 social should be a trip to mcdonalds followed by a game at gala bingo and drinks at the wishing well.

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  17. Wrong time and place for a bleeding McDs! ffs! As if kids around that area aren’t obese enough as it is.

  18. :-p

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