May 2011 Update from The Hackney Pirates

This from an email from the Hackney Pirates:

Land ahoy!

Remember when you were a child and your parents took you somewhere in the car? It seemed impossibly far away and every five minutes you’d tap your mum on the shoulder and ask ‘Are we there yet?’

That’s a bit how we’ve been for the last couple of months. Even though the Hackney Pirates has come together exceptionally quickly (thanks in large part to some fantastic support from you) it still hasn’t felt fast enough! So you’ll be as excited as we are to know that we are finally there…

Last week we held our very first creative literacy session at the lovely Dalston FARM:shop. We’re extremely lucky to have partnered with such a dynamic and quirky place which will make the perfect temporary home until we have finalised plans for our very own Pirate place.

So CONGRATULATIONS to the Hackney Pirates and to you too without your support we’d still have an awfully long road ahead of us.

Our first sessions:We’ll be working with young people after school on Mondays and Wednesdays on a mixture of creative workshops and school support. We’re really excited to be taking the first steps towards realising our vision of a permanent out of school learning hub where young people can work with local volunteers to develop their literacy and creativity. If you know young people in Hackney who can benefit from some Pirate-style learning please get in touch.

Learn the Pirate Code: We’ve already held three great Pirate training evenings with some lively grog sessions in the pub afterwards. Our next ones will be held on the 23rd of May and 1st of June between 6pm and 8pm at the FARM:shop. We are looking for all sorts of volunteers as well as any of you talented and inspiring people who might want to help run a session on something you are really good at. If you haven’t already please get in touch with Camilla ( telling us a little bit about yourself. We’re especially on the hunt for some graphic designers who have a few hours to spare!

How else can I help? A campaign for the Hackney Pirates is being featured on Buzzbnk and we are raising funds via a crowdfunding campaign. You can show your support by becoming a “Cheerleader” and get the latest updates from the Hackney Pirates or take it a step further and support us for as little as £10. We are offering some amazing benefits in return for your support please see for more details.

Tall tales: This month’s story comes from Rhasea who was perhaps inspired by the Judith Kerr’s children’s classic The Tiger Who Came to Tea!

Bob: My name is Bob and I am the strongest one of them all and even though I have muscles as small as an ant I’m still the strongest!
Bob: I was walking through the Albert Square and then I saw a tiger!
Tiger: Hi my name is Tiger would you like to come over for dinner…
Bob: What are you having?
Tiger: …we are having spaghetti bolognaise.
Bob: My favourite ooh my favourite!

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Love from all at The Hackney Pirates”