Massage Therapist

I am looking for a good massage therapist local to Hackney. I want someone who can work on deep tissue issuesI work in an emotionally demanding field that also requires I sit still for long periods and I want to counteract the embodying of other’s emotions that happen for me.Noel


  1. @noeln16 over here: @e8yim talked about a deep tissue massage at Shine Holistic in Newington Green which sounds worth checking out”

  2. thanks, tried the one on Church street but they weren’t particularly welcoming. Get that as a guy going in to what are basically beauty parlours. Found a good therapist, Yuriko at the Holistic Health place on Broadway market. Means I can go and eat meat pies in La Bouche afterwards… so all good

  3. HelloI think I missed my chance here 😉 But if you can’t get an appointment with Yuriko, I can recommend myself (also working from Holistic Health)!

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