Marie Lloyd – Queen of the Music Halls

Marie Lloyd was born in Hoxton in 1870, she is aid to have made her debut in a music hall where the current Eagle pub in Shepherdess Walk is currently sited (there is a brown plaque outside the pub denoting this). She went on to become a famous singer / performer and was renowned for her saucy lyrics. er famous songs include \my Old man said follow the van” and “A little of what you fancy does you good”. She lived at 55 Graham Road (where there is another brown plaque although I haven’t seen it). Outside of the music halls she led a troubled private life and had a string of love affairs which were features of the tabloids. She died in 1922. In 2007 BBC4 produce a drama about her life in a series called the Edwardians where she was played by Jessie Wallace of Eastenders fame.”

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  1. @traxcitement there is a photo of the plaque (it’s blue) over on this thread

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